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Race your mates for half the price

So, you’re itching to zip around our track in an all-out race against others.
In our adrenaline-pumping group kart races, we bring together like-minded go karting fans to race against each other. From the experienced karting legends to newcomers – everyone is welcome to take part in these open races and get a feel for the competitive nature of go karting. Now, with our fantastic Half Price Voucher offer you get to race your mates competitively for just HALF the PRICE.

Who's the quickest?

We've all got that one mate who thinks he's the fastest, well now's the time to call their bluff! Grab yourself and them some of our HALF PRICE vouchers and finally settle the score once and for all!

No Excuses?

Oh, I would have loved to come and shown you up but I can't make that day? Yes, we've all heard that excuse before. That's why we've made our Gift Vouchers valid throughout 2020 so there's no way they can squirm out of the challenge!

The perfect opportunity!

Grab some of our Half Price gift vouchers and let's settle the score! 

Pro tip: grab yourself a few more vouchers and book yourself a 1-2-1 tuition with our in house instructor, former formula 3 and British kart champion Scott Law prior to visiting with your mates and learn how to shave those few seconds off your laptime.  

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